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You're Moving in? Buchbinder Can Handle It!

With the Buchbinder moving special and the right packing material from Buchbinder you can move your belongings safely and quickly from A to B. Our vans and trucks are available for rental at Buchbinder from 36,- € per day (from 1 rental day, Monday to Sunday, incl. 100 km, at selected stations).

Buchbinder moving tips

Make sure that all pieces of furniture and objects are packed break-proof and are carefully loaded so that your belongings are safe during transport. With our relocation assistance, we are happy to provide you with everything you need for a safe move. You don't yet know exactly what you need for your move? Which vehicle size is appropriate for your move? Of course we will help you: Please contact our telephone booking centre at the toll-free number +49 203 860510. Our staff at the local stations will also be happy to help you select the right vehicle for you.

In addition, we have a selection of practical moving aids such as packing blankets, trolleys, lashing belts and cardboard boxes ready for you.


A few tips for your safety

  • Please take your time so that our employees can explain the handling of the truck or van to you in detail.

  • Always be aware of the height and width of the vehicle. Watch your step! Bridges, canopies, gate entrances or the like can be tight!

  • Do not drive too close, trucks have a considerably longer braking distance.

  • Also note the larger turning circle.

  • Turn curves with caution and reduced speed.

  • Special attention is required when manoeuvring and reversing. It's best if you get someone else to brief you.

  • Observe the lane and route restrictions and speed limits applicable to truck drivers.

With Buchbinder you are on the safe side when you move. Further information about moving can be found here!