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We make it easy for you: Move with Buchbinder


A move usually means a lot of stress in addition to the anticipation of the new home. Administrative visits, renovations and the lengthy packing of boxes take a lot of time and even more nerves. It's a good thing that we make it easy for you, at least during transport: With our vans and trucks in various sizes you can rent the vehicle which suits your needs. What else there is to know about the topic "Move with Buchbinder", you can find out here!

Which transporter and truck should I drive?


Before you decide on a model from our extensive fleet of transporters and trucks, one very important question arises: which vehicle can I drive with my driver's license? Here are the answers:

  • With a driving license of class B you can drive a transporter up to 3.5 tons.
  • If the category C1 is entered in your driver's license, you may drive vans and trucks up to a maximum of 7.5 tons. After the age of 50, an aptitude test must be taken every 5 years to extend this permission.
  • The driving license class C1E applies to trucks with trailers. The total mass of truck and towing vehicle must not exceed 12 tons. Again, the aptitude test applies after the age of 50.
  • With the class C you are entitled to drive all trucks over 3.5 tons. Even a small trailer with up to 750 kg is allowed.
  • The class CE allows for driving large road trains. In this class an aptitude test is mandatory every 5 years.

If you are not sure which vehicle is suitable for your move, just take a look at your driver's license!

Move equipment in detail


A move involves more than "just" the right vehicle. An overview of our complete removal accessories can be found here. From the comprehensive complete package in sizes S, M and L to the simple adhesive tape, you can book any number of useful relocation helpers. Just take a look - you will definitely find one or the other!




Financial trap electricity and gas - does not have to be!

Whoever moves has to think of many things: organization of the helpers and the vehicle, dealing with administrations, renovations and, and, and. Since it is only too understandable that you do not want to worry about the change or the re-registration of the electricity and gas provider. That is where our partner "Wechselpilot" comes into play.The energy professionals will do their best to ensure that you have the cheapest rate that suits your needs at all times. Wechselpilot selects from around 12,500 providers. The entire bureaucracy is also handled by Wechselpilot. In a nutshell: You only need to sign up once after that you dont have to worry about a single thing regarding your electricity or gas tariff. And you also save money. Just take a look into Wechselpilot  - it's worth it!

Buchbinder Wechselpilot


Definitely remember: the checklist for your move

If you move, you have to think about a lot. When do I have to take care of terminations or the change of contracts?Did I organize the necessary helpers? Does everyone know what he has to do? What do I actually need to renovate? Here you will find a checklist with which you can keep track of these and other points and arrive well organized in the new home!