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Off on vacation - with Buchbinder

With over 150 stations in Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary and Slovakia we are not only a reliable partner for business travelers but you are also in good hands at Buchbinder when it comes to family holidays. This way you can simply enjoy the best time of the year together with your loved ones, we stand by your side with a large selection of attractive "family-vans". In addition we would like to give you some important tips for a safe and harmonious ride with the whole family.

With Buchbinder off on vacation our offers!


Advice on safe driving with children

It is important to consider some points in order to get the children as safely as possible through the traffic. Here are two important rules:

  • If a baby should ride in a baby seat in the front passenger seat, make sure that the air bag is deactivated! Otherwise it can come in the case of an accident to severe head and neck injuries!
  • Children up to twelve years or up to a height of 1.50 meters must ride in a child seat.  For security reasons no exceptions should be made here!
Safety instructions while driving with children


Does everything fit in? Tips for packing the trunk

Especially when you want to go on vacation with the whole family and a lot of luggage, loading the trunk can be a demanding task. So that the "trunk Tetris" is crowned with success and you can start relaxed, here are some important tips for you:

  • Rule of thumb: Heavy luggage down. This improves the center of gravity of the vehicle and provides more stability.
  • Leave no gaps. Pack so that there are no gaps between the individual pieces of luggage. Because these can cause the cargo to develop its own motion and deteriorate the driving characteristics.
  • Use loose small parts (for example shoes) as a gap filler.
  • Keyword straps: These can be attached to the trunk eyelets and provide additional stability.
  • Beware of "bullets"! Avoid storing luggage or items above the rear seat edge. These can shoot forward when braking, injuring the occupants.
  • Be careful not to overload the car!
  • Very important: Beware of the the extended braking distance while driving!

We wish you a relaxed packing and a good trip!

Well packed trunk

When are we finally there? Occupation tips for a relaxed ride

Let's be honest: Long car rides are a challenge for the driver in terms of concentration and for the passengers - especially for the little ones in the back seat - a real patience test. At least that's something you can change with the right entertainment program, because with these playful distractions time goes by much faster:

  • The classic "I spy with my little eye"
  • License plate guessing
  • "I pack my suitcase and take with"
  • The search for the red dot: "Who sees the most Buchbinder-cars"?
  • Car-bingo
  • Battleship

In addition to these games, the occupying books of the publisher Usborne are a great alternative for the little passengers -  as well as these chic coloring pages that the publisher has kindly provided for you.

Being occupated while on road