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Stay mobile with the rental car...

...even if it takes longer


There are sometimes situations in ones life as a driver which cause unpredictable problems. A prime example: The private car is no longer roadworthy and it will take few weeks until the new one is delivered.  We offer with our private long-term rental the ideal solution for such temporary "bottlenecks". At particularly favorable and individually agreed conditions, you can hire your desired vehicle spontaneously and without minimum duration at Buchbinder, instead of binding yourself to long-term leasing models or the like. We solve your problem together - short-term, cheap and flexible!

Expandable can be booked against service charge:

  • Business-packet (Bluetooth, Navigation device)

  • Long Track Runner (Diesel)

  • Winter-packet (Winterproof tires)

Further manufacturer and model variants are available on request. We look forward to hearing from you through our form or by calling +49 203 3485236 and provide you with your desired vehicle category within 24 hours nationwide.


Our long-term rental offer is flexible and you always have your costs under control:


  • Flexible terms for the 1st month without minimum holding period

  • Including full-service (i.e maintenance and wear costs, vehicle tax, motor vehicle
    liability, GEZ fee, etc.)

  • Seamless replacement of car mobility at no extra cost in case of damage

  • Change easily and conveniently to a different vehicle category as needed

  • Fair vehicle evaluation with a fixed retention in case of damage

Simply get in and start driving!


* As long as stocks last.
**All offers on this page are for private customers. The prices are therefore gross prices incl. 19% VAT. BUCHBINDER offer Rent-a-Car, Car Partner Nord GmbH Kulmbacher Strasse 8-10, 93057 Regensburg with a flexible duration, 4,000 km mileage per month, further liability reduction options can be applied against surcharge to be booked. Price valid until canceled; Offer subject to availability; Minimum rental period 28 days; Vehicle exchange in accordance with the station; practical extras such as diesel variant, automatic and navigation additionally bookable. Climate protection contribution included.