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Long-term car and van rental - the flexible mobility solution as an alternative to leasing or buying


The great advantage of our long-term rental is its flexibility. From a minimum rental period of 28 days, there is no obligation to sign a contract should your plans change at short notice. This means that you can terminate your rental at any time after 28 days. If you wish to change the vehicle model during the rental period, this is possible at any time. In principle, you can obtain any vehicle in our fleet on a long-term rental. Important advantages that the classic leasing model cannot offer you! 


We want to help make your company more flexible and thus a little more successful. At the same time, we also want to give our customers in their private lives the opportunity to react to special situations quickly, without being tied down and safely. How does this work? With our long-term rental model for cars, vans & trucks, a real alternative to classic leasing or buying. In many industries, seasonal peaks in demand are not uncommon. We cover this increased demand without any obligation for as long as you need more vehicles. And even as a private individual, there are situations in which mobility is needed. This is exactly where we come in together.

Long-term rental as a mobility solution for business customers

For many companies, the strength of their own vehicle fleet is difficult to calculate. After all, utilisation often fluctuates according to season or order volume. We have developed our long-term rental model so that you, as an entrepreneur, always remain flexible and able to act. This model offers a convenient alternative to leasing or vehicle purchase and allows you to rent one or more vehicles over a period of time that you can determine at short notice - without fixed contract terms and long-term commitments. You can decide where your needs are: Car, truck or van, this offer applies to the entire fleet. In addition, further advantages await you, such as full service, a free replacement car in the event of damage and, above all, favourable prices!

Am I contractually bound for a longterm rental?

No, after expiry of the minimum rental period of 28 days you can terminate the contract at any time by returning the vehicle.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, in the amount of one gross rent.

Is it mandatory to have a credit card?

Vehicle categories up to the compact class can be paid after consultation with your debit card.