Safely through the seasons - with Buchbinder!

Tips and information about cars and mobility during the seasons!

Behind every season there are different weather conditions and thus different behaviour patterns for mobility. Whether by car or truck, these tips will prepare you best for the different weather conditions and get you from A to B safer.

The green spring

The nature is slowly recovering from the cold season and the colourful nature shows itself with strong sunbeams. Visually great to look at, but not completely safe for drivers. Do not change to summer tyres at the first rays of sunshine! In the transition times it can come in the morning still to the frost formation and thus to smooth roads. A further danger is spring tiredness, which can lead to microsleep. Further dangers could be the following:

  • Pollen flight (ensures slippery road surfaces)
  • Winter road damage

Summer - It's getting hot

The warmest time of the year is also the strongest holiday season. Hot temperatures meet long car journeys. Find out how to behave on long journeys here.


The golden autumn

Golden colors, leaves everywhere. Looks great, so why should I drive differently? Autumn is often underestimated by drivers. Leaves, frost, fog, rain and early twilight make mobility difficult. Smooth roads lead to slippery roads and long stopping distances, and poor visibility, which is why it would be advisable to adjust the speed. Nevertheless, we will of course be offering you numerous offers for cars and trucks again in autumn.


Protect yourself and your vehicle in winter!

The cold season is coming unstoppably towards us. But even in such weather conditions your vehicle should be a faithful and reliable companion. We have drawn up a checklist for you on how best to prepare your vehicle for the winter.



Winter tyres

Fit your winter tyres by November at the latest. Make sure that the tread depth does not fall below 4 mm. Although this is still legally permissible, it is no longer safe for snow and ice. Furthermore, your tyres should not be older than 10 years.

Our rental cars are all equipped with winter tyres from 01.11. onwards.

Check lighting system

Especially in the dark season it's important to see and be seen. Check your lighting system accordingly. Is it set correctly? Clean your headlights regularly to avoid loss of luminous power.

Radiator antifreeze

Make sure your radiator is refilled with antifreeze in time to ensure that the water pump, radiator and cooling ducts are working properly. If you are unsure how to fill the radiator, go to your workshop.

Attention: Never open the cooling system when the engine is warm!

Windscreen antifreeze

Your windscreen wiper system should also be filled with antifreeze so that your windscreen and the windscreen wiper do not freeze over.


A defective battery is the main cause of breakdowns in winter. Especially at temperatures below 0°C and for short distances, the battery can quickly lose power. Check the charge level of the battery. If the battery is older than 5 years you should have it checked in your workshop.

Equipment in the car

In winter you should make sure that you have the following on board:

  •     Ice scraper
  •     Windscreen cover film
  •     whisk
  •     anti-icing spray
  •     jumper cables
  •     tow rope
  •     Warm blankets

    In some countries, like: Austria, Switzerland and in parts of Italy and France snow chains are mandatory!


We wish you a good trip in all weathers! We have suitable offers for you all year round!