Service at Buchbinder


The car rental you trust: Our service


We see ourselves as your partner who wants to support you so you can be "Mobile on Point" in every situation. In order to put this into practice, we offer you a comprehensive service. From the simple rental of various vehicle models at numerous city and airport stations over attractive additional services and extras to individual solutions for your personal mobility requirements, we stand by your side. Two aspects are always in the focus of our daily work: First, we want to win you through reliability, friendliness and flexibility for us - and on the other hand, we do everything to ensure that the prices are right. You should be able to afford a rental car, that's important to us!


Transparency at Buchbinder: You can count on that

Another important pillar of our service concept is transparency. In this context, we would like to draw your attention to our           General Rental and Terms Conditions (GRTC) where you will find all the information about car rental at Buchbinder. By the way, you can also rate us. Tell us about your experiences on Trusted Shops - we look forward to it!

You can download the GRTC as a PDF here.


We hope that we can satisfy you with our service all around. However, if you have any questions, suggestions or criticism feel free to contact us and help us so that we are getting better and better. After all, you learn from mistakes.