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Here you will find a compilation of the frequently asked questions concerning the rental of cars and trucks. You will probably also find the answer to your question here:

What is the meaning behind the vehicle-codes (Acriss-Codes)?

The Acriss codes, which identify the respective vehicle class on our site, are a classification defined for rental cars, which is based on certain vehicle characteristics (size, equipment, drive, etc.). This classification is valid regardless of the respective car rental company. Within the scope of these stipulations, the lessor can freely choose the models within the individual groups. That is, he has to adhere to the prescribed characteristics, which requires a certain Acriss code but which concrete vehicle models the lessor offers  is up to him. An overview of the different Acriss codes and their meaning can be found here!

A trip abroad - is that possible?

For insurance reasons, a trip to Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Cyprus and Russia is generally not possible. Otherwise, it depends on the particular rented vehicle model or the vehicle category, in which European countries you are allowed to enter. A trip abroad requires the written permission of Buchbinder. In any case, there is an additional "Cross Boarder Fee", depending on the country between 20 and 45 EUR. An additional fee of 40 EUR is charged for ferry use. Please note that a trip abroad must always be coordinated in advance with the rental station! Specific questions about the use of our vehicles abroad will be answered by our Service Center at +49 203 860510 or by e-mail at servicecenterbuchbinder "«@&.de.

The vehicle was stolen - what to do?

In the event of vehicle theft, the renter / driver is obliged to hand over the vehicle keys and documents to the police or the nearest rental office without delay. The staff of the rental station or our free service hotline (+49 203 860510) will help you!

What should I do if I have an accident with the rental car?

After every external or self-inflicted accident (even without the participation of third parties), theft, fire, wild collision or other damage to the rental vehicle, the renter and / or driver is obliged:

a) immediately notify Buchbinder by telephone (emergency service day and night) and thereby coordinate the further use of the damaged rental vehicle.

b) immediately inform and call the police; in case of telephone inaccessibility of the police report the damage at the nearest police station. If the police refuse to take an accident, the renter must submit a written confirmation from the police.

c) to record the names of the persons involved in the accident and the license plates of the vehicles involved in the accident, including their liability insurance including the associated insurance certificate number, and to ask for names and addresses of persons who qualify as witnesses.

d) to inform the lessor immediately and comprehensively about the accident and to sign the lessor a carefully and truthfully completed accident report.

e) to take all measures that are reasonable and possible within the scope of what is appropriate and conducive to the investigation and the preservation of evidence, in particular to answer the lessor's questions truthfully and in a timely manner on the circumstances of the damage event

Of course we do not hope that such a case does happen. If it does happen, keep calm and contact your rental station or our free service hotline: +49 203 3485456.

Are all models available at each station?

Our vehicles like cars, transporters and trucks are divided into different categories. If you choose a rental car from Buchbinder, then first book a vehicle category. This is to simplify the selection on the one hand. On the other hand, several similar products can be offered on the same terms in this way. Please understand that an assurance of a certain make and feature is therefore usually not given. Due to the very different capacity utilization in the car rental industry, we can not guarantee that all vehicle models are always available everywhere. Nevertheless, at Buchbinder we give our best to meet your wishes, so you get your preferred rental car. In principle, it should be noted that vans and trucks are not available at the airport stations.

Which services are included in the rental price?

Initially, the rental price at Buchbinder Rent-a-Car is based on the rental period. For special rates, special offers and vehicle types, the price also depends on the kilometers driven. Basically, the rental price includes the expenses for oil consumption, for maintenance and wear and tear repairs and for the motor vehicle liability insurance. The cost of the fuel is borne by the renter. We offer our customers an own tank service, whose conditions you can see at the branches of our rental. Also not included in the rental price are AdBlue add-ons and tolls incurred by law in the country of residence. These costs are also at the expense of the renter.

Should it be necessary to process subsequent fines or traffic violations, we will charge you further, together with an administration fee. 

What happens to the personal information I provide when booking?

Our server for online reservations guarantees the security of your transactions. This system is supported by the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. So if you hire a car on and enter your details, then this technology protects you by encrypting every exchange between your computer and your server. This service ensures important information in this way. For information on how Buchbinder deals with your data, click here.

Which additional services are available at the time of booking?

In addition to the liability insurance included in all rental contracts we offer as a liability reduction as an additional service. Here you can choose from different rates with different levels of deductibles.

What kind of vehicles can I rent from Buchbinder?

Buchbinder offers you a large selection of high-quality branded vehicles, from mini cars in the Mini-Class to 9-Seater in the premium category. In addition, you can book transporters and trucks of various sizes from us. An overview of our fleet can be found here.

How is the pickup and return of the vehicle carried out?

On the agreed date, you can receive your rental car at the desired rent station. The vehicle return is usually during office hours to an employee of Buchbinder. If you intend to return outside the opening hours, please discuss this directly with the respective rental station. In this case, a key return via the night safe is possible. 

Where can i book the vehicle?

Reservation of a vehicle is possible either via our online form, via the Service Center on +49 203 860510 or directly through one of our rental station.

I forgot something in the rental car. What are my chances to get it back?

Please contact the station directly where you returned your rental car. Since all vehicles are cleaned after rental, forgotten items usually fall on. However, we ask for your understanding that we can not assume any liability for items left in the vehicle.

Do the return and pickup stations have to match?

Basically, you can return your rental vehicle in every Buchbinder store in Germany and Austria. It is important that you arrange the return station with us in advance. For cars as well as for transporters and trucks, there are additional charges for a "one-way rental" (rental station A, return station B).

May I get an introduction to how the rented vehicle works?

Of course our staff will make sure that you can get to know your rental car before you start. Our employees are always open to questions.

Will the car be checked for damage before the hand over?

Yes! Before and after each rental a check will take place. This way we can make sure that you can not be charged with "old damage". You will receive a signed handover protocol.

What is the procedure for picking up a vehicle at a rentalstation?

This is actually quite simple: When you have booked a car, you come to the rental station on the agreed date with the necessary documents (ID, driver‘s license, credit card). The vehicle handover is documented and you can drive off!

What payment options do I have at Buchbinder?

Accepted are all internationally common credit cards. For the vehicle-categories  For the vehicle categories Mini, Economy and Compact, it is possible to rent it on presentation of an electronic cash card or in cash, for the other groups a credit card is required. When renting buses, transporters and trucks a cash deposit and cash payment is also possible. In the case of an accident replacement rent, we will gladly inform you about the special conditions. At our airport stations, only payment by credit card is possible. We do not accept debit cards.

How is my rental car insured

All our rental cars are unlimited liability insured. So you enjoy a comprehensive insurance coverage with the vehicles of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car. Depending on the type of vehicle rented, we also offer you a reduction of the excess in the event of a hull damage. You can take out the liability reduction recommended by us directly online or directly on site when you rent.

Can only one person drive the booked vehicle?

Only the person registered in the rental contract is entitled to use the vehicle. However, if the rental car is used by several people, we charge a fee of up to 7.50 € day. This does not apply to commissioned company drivers.

Who can rent a vehicle from Buchbinder?

The most important requirement for renting one of our vehicles is of course the possession of a driving license valid in Germany. In addition, you will need a valid ID card from an EU country (even a passport that is valid for at least one month will be accepted in conjunction with a registration certificate). We also need your means of payment: All accepted, internationally common credit cards are accepted. For the vehicle categories Economy and Compact, rental is possible upon presentation of a debit card, for the remaining groups a credit card is required. These documents ensure the smooth running of your rental. Depending on the vehicle class, a rental is possible from the age of 18, 21 or 25 years. In our vehicle selection you will find the respective minimum age.

What insurance cover do I have with my rental car?

All our rental cars are liability insured with a maximum coverage of 50 million euros for personal injury and property damage. So you enjoy a comprehensive insurance coverage with the vehicles of Buchbinder Rent-a-Car.

Can I view on my Apple phone or Android?

Yes, you can use the homepage of our rental with the current versions of Apple (for example, the iPhone version 5 and 5s) and Android. These devices have integrated the Internet settings required for

Which browser settings do I need for

For optimal presentation of our vehicles, the website was optimized for every display resolution. In order to be able to fully view our rental cars online, you need an internet browser with Javascript / style templates enabled. In addition, the installation of the Flash plug-in is recommended. If you use older browsers or browsers that are not supported by ECMA Script, Javascript and VBScript, unfortunately, our pages can not be displayed.

We therefore recommend one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer from version 9.0
Mozilla Firefox from version 3.0
Safari from version 528
Google Chrome 4.0 or higher
Opera from version 10.0

Can I return my rental car outside opening hours?

During the opening hours of our Bookbinder Rent-a-Car branches, our employees personally accept the rental car upon return. If your planned deadline is outside of our opening hours, this is also possible. The key return runs in this case through the night safe. In some locations (airports) the return is handled by the employees of a service provider. If these are already in the evening, you have the option of using the key box on site or handing over the key at the Buchbinder counter.

When do I have to pay for my rental car?

The rental price is due at the beginning of the rental period. A deposit is required in addition (usually via your credit card, depending on the vehicle category, a cash deposit is also possible). After the vehicle has been returned, the remaining amount of the deposit will be credited back to your account, less any costs incurred.

At which age can i rent a car?

In principle, there is no minimum age for renting a vehicle with Buchbinder. However, drivers between 18 and 24 years of age (Under Age) as well as drivers who are in possession of a driving license valid in Germany for less than 12 months (Young Driver) incur additional charges. For certain, higher-class vehicle categories, a minimum age of 21 years applies. More detailed information can be found in our general rental terms and conditions

What documents do I have to submit when picking up my rental car?

For bookings with Buchbinder Rent-a-Car, please bring your German driver's license and your valid ID card of an EU country. Passports that are valid for at least one month will also be accepted (in this case you will also need a registration certificate for your residence).

We also need your means of payment: All accepted, internationally recognized credit cards are accepted. For the vehicle categories Mini-Class, Economy and Compact, the rental is possible upon presentation of an electronic cash card or in cash, for the remaining groups a credit card is required. These documents ensure the smooth running of your rental.

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