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Our rental station is located at Mainzer Straße 28, from where it is only a few metres to the main railway station and a few minutes' drive to the Alzey motorway junction. The Frankfurt am Main airport can be reached after about 40 minutes. In about 50 minutes you will be at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

Buchbinder-Station in Alzey
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By rental car through the vineyards around Alzey

Weinheim is the largest district of Alzey and is known above all for its wine growing. Accordingly, the landscape is characterised by idyllic vineyards. This impressive natural scenery awaits you when you start your journey from our rental station by rental car. But there are also other reasons to stay a little longer in Alzey-Weinheim: One of the most famous attractions is the Weinheimer Trift - a former sand pit, which has been a place of pilgrimage for geologists and palaeontologists from all over the world for over 150 years. It is also worth visiting the two Weinheim churches or the Heiligblut-Kapelle (Holy Blood Chapel). A literal highlight is the observation tower on the Heilig Blutberg.


Here you will find what you need - from small cars to trucks

What could be better than cruising through a beautiful landscape in a beautiful car? Not much. And that's exactly what you have with Buchbinder in Alzey. But even if you don't want a small car, station wagon or even an elegant limousine, but rather a van or truck, we are happy to be your contact partner!

Rent your dream car now and explore the scenic and cultural beauty of Rhineland-Palatinate.


Buchbinder in Alzey: trip, relocation or transport - here you are right!

At Buchbinder in Alzey you are well advised when it comes to car hire of all kinds. No matter whether you are planning a city tour or need a suitable vehicle for the move: you will find it here! But not only do we have a large fleet of vehicles, we also offer a lot of accessories for cars and trucks. A special advantage is still there on top: Until the vehicle pickup you always have the opportunity to cancel the vehicle for free!