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The Buchbinder car rental in Königsbrunn is located - about 15 km south of Augsburg - in the Bürgermeister-Wohlfahrth Str. 31. The nearest train station is in Bobingen (5.5 kilometers away), the Augsburg main station can be reached in less than 20 minutes.


Buchbinder in Königsbrunn
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Discover Königsbrunn and it's surroundings - with Buchbinder

With typical Swabian charm, Königsbrunn presents itself to its visitors. From our rental station you first drive to the Ilser and Lautersee and take a long walk. Then it goes to the city center. In the Archaeological Museum Koenigsbrunn you can see numerous excavation finds and artifacts from the pre- and early history, which were found in the city and in the southern district of Augsburg. Who stands on records should not miss the Mercateum. This is the world's largest historical globe - right in the center of the city. Of course, with the car is also worth a trip to nearby Augsburg.

The rental car fleet of Buchbinder - pure variety

When it comes to versatility, you will get your money's worth: From sparkling compact cars to station wagons and sedans to various SUV models, you will find the right car for every occasion in our portfolio. In addition, we would be pleased to provide you with a transporter or truck - if, for example, a move is pending.

Buchbinder Rent-a-Car wishes you a great time in Königsbrunn and it's surroundings!