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Buchbinder long-term rental - the flexible leasing alternative for private customers


There are situations in a driver's life that cause unexpected problems. A prime example: the private car is no longer in a drivable condition and it takes several weeks for the new car to be delivered. With our private long-term rental, we offer the most ideal and flexible solution for such temporary situations. At particularly favourable and individually agreed terms and conditions, you can spontaneously rent your desired vehicle from Buchbinder for no minimum period, instead of being tied down to long-term leasing models or not being mobile at all. We solve your problem together - at short notice, affordably and flexibly! 


We also offer long-term car rental beyond a rental period of 3 months. Are you interested in a longer period? Please contact us here.

Find the right car for your long-term rental!

Private long-term rental for vans and trucks - stay mobile in your private life!

Permanent mobility is a basic requirement for success not only on the business side, but in many private situations you also need to remain mobile. Preferably in a flexible and unbureaucratic way. No matter what mobility solution you need - we have the solution for you. Simply enter all the necessary data in the booking area and find the right van or truck.

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Find the right van for your long-term rental